What does it take to build better buildings? 

It takes passion, expertise, skills, a commitment to quality, and just plain hard work.  

At Stadel Construction, we have over thirty years experience building the highest quality metal buildings. We are committed to transforming your building vision into an extraordinary product.

Beginning with preconstruction, we work closely with you to fully understand your business needs and goals, and then we develop a comprehensive strategy and guide you through all stages of development. We draw from our pool of seasoned, dependable subcontractors to match their expertise with your particular needs. We use the highest quality product and are committed to completing your project on budget and on time. We cap that with our responsive warranty service.

Why Metal?

Metal buildings have come a long way since your grandfather’s rusted out shed. Today’s metal buildings are beautiful and tough.

Beautiful Design options

Today’s metal buildings feature roofs in all shapes and colors—replicating clay tiles, shingles, or asphalt—and wall variations that looks like brick or stone or concrete. 

cost effective

Metal buildings are less expensive than traditional buildings.

Easy to Maintain

Metal buildings are mold and rust resistant, and they don’t decay. In addition, they are immune to the appetites of termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.

Retains Value

Metal buildings retain their value longer than traditional buildings. 

Energy efficient and eco-friendly

Factory insulated wall panels have R-ratings ranging from R-16 to R-32. In addition metal roofs may contain pigments to reflect heat and light. 

Metal panels are recyclable and reduce onsite waste. They save landfill space, trees, and energy. 

Withstands Weather extremes

Today’s metal buildings are designed to withstand heat and temperature extremes, and—fun fact—Behlen Building Systems, which Stadel construction proudly uses, are the only manufacturer panels that withstood an atomic bomb test.*

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 We are proud to work with Behlen Building Systems 

*Read about Behlen building panels and the atomic test here: History of Nebraska. (n.d.). Behlen buildings Survive Atomic Bombs [History of Nebraska blog].

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