About us

Stadel Construction is an award-winning, insured, licensed, Class A general contractor providing commercial and residential planning and construction in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and the surrounding area.

Meet the builder

Jack Stadel

Stadel Construction began thirty years ago, when Jack Stadel built his first pole barn, but we could say the company began long before and that it was was inevitable. 

Jack Stadel was born into construction. In his small South Dakota town, his postman father doubled as a builder, and three of his uncles were general contractors. By the time he was 14, a toolbelt was his summer uniform. He worked full time framing houses, troubleshooting electrical problems, placing concrete, and installing roofs. By 19, he was taking three-man crews to work on sites around the Black Hills and Gillette. When he was 22, he started Stadel Construction, subcontracting work on homes and pre-engineered buildings. He moved the company to Cheyenne in 1989 and grew it into an award-winning business.

Jack moved into residential construction in 2018 with the foundation of Triple Dot Homes. For more information our custom-built homes, visit our website.